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Mechanical Subteam

The Mechanical Team is in charge of creating a prototype and the physical construction of the robot. They train new members to safely use power tools and handle build equipment to create a practice field to use before competition. They also design components such as drive chains, the chassis, and shooters. Students in this sub-team build the skeletal structure of the robot, and efficiently arrange the motors, electronics, and various mechanisms onto the robot.

The Electrical Team organizes and puts together the electrical board. The electrical board essentially connects the power and the programming to the motors and other parts of the robot so that it may perform all the desired functions!

Electrical Subteam
Programming Subteam

The Programming Team creates and runs a program in Java that allows students to control the robot. Programming code directs the robot to carry out a specific job within the limits of its hardware but also has to take into account the limits of human ability in order to program AI for competitions. The code for the program is on GitHub. A button to the page will be provided below.